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  • "We can't thank you enough, we'll be more than eager to refer any business we hear of (near or far) and act as a reference should you ever want or need one. You really did not have to do as much as you did for us as we were happy at every stage. Wanted you to know that we are very pleased with the documents, thanks for your attention to the details."

    - Erik

  • "We have had continued compliments on our home and I always mention that it is due to a great design… that you were our most important subcontractor and (considering the scope of the project) our least expensive as well."

    - Ken & Jennifer

  • “I wanted to formally thank you for your creativity, detail, flexibility, schedule management, contractor interaction and design budget management. What started out with a conceptual photograph ended with the jewel of the Port Austin shoreline. The project remained exciting, challenging and rewarding throughout its duration from the start of the demolition to our move in. It was a pretty impressive schedule!

    Cindy and I are indebted to you for producing a family cottage which exceeded, in every way, our expectations and dreams."

    - Bill & Cindy

  • “The home is great and very comfortable.  Easy living I guess would best describe it.  Everyone that has stopped by loves it, and the design concept."

    - Lisa

  • "We enjoy our home more each day and find it to be a great respite.  Many thanks for your expertise!"

    - Ardele

  • “Great Job! I was looking over the drawings and they look perfect - thanks a lot. You really came through for me! I appreciate good help. Thanks for staying on top of it all the way you did!"

    - Paul

  • “You put in things that I would have never thought of and yet it all works together very well.”

    - Ron

  • “It’s been a lot of fun working with you, and we both think you’re doing an excellent job. As you know, we are in absolutely no hurry. The more I looked at other lake houses, the more I realized I want our project to be a truly unique one. A lot of lake houses seem to have the same look, and as we’ve discussed with this, we’re hoping we can create something different. We’re loving the ideas you’ve come up with.”

    - Chris & Elizabeth

  • “LOVE LOVE LOVE the kitchen! Seriously! It was the design (again) that made it so great! Thank you for your magic – you are amazing!”

    - Jennifer